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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Hopefully, tonight Mr. Till will find better luck than MiGo did last night.
Hopefully, tonight Mr. Till will find better luck than MiGo did last night.

A bit of a clunker last night, one might think. But I seem to recall not too long ago the O's dropping the first game of a series vs. their opponents best pitcher, only to come back and take the next two games and the series. Perhaps we'll get a little deja vu all over again....

Baltimore Orioles vs. Texas Rangers - Recap - August 20, 2012 - ESPN
DEMOPSTER cleaned up his game and wrung out the O's offense.

School of Roch: Patton and game updates (O's lose 5-1)
Get used to having JC Romero in the 'pen for a bit longer, friends. And Dylan Bundy says to DD, "Call me....maybe!"

Ahead of schedule, Thome set for Sarasota | News


Video Highlights & Clips - MiLB | Flaherty hits a go-ahead homer against Charlotte - Video | Multimedia | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
FLARHT doin' thangs!

Orioles closer Jim Johnson coming through in the clutch on the road - Baltimore Sun
Younger/Older JJ is The Road Warrior.

Today is the birthday of old-timey baseball player Cannonball Titcomb. Also the birthday of singer and rotisserie chicken roaster Kenny Rogers. So there's that.

On this date in 1901 a bit of a kerfluffel erupted after an Orioles pitcher expectorated upon an umpire. Benches would eventually clear, fans would storm the field, and the police would be called upon to quell the mini-riot. In 1977 Brooks Robinson retired after a fantastic 23 year career. In 1999, Brady Anderson lead off both games of a double-header with a Home Run. Only the 3rd player to ever accomplish the feat.