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Monday Bird Droppings


The Orioles continue to amaze with occasional timely hitting and perplexing pitching performances. I'm still not entirely sure I saw Miguel Gonzalez duel David Price to a standstill.

School of Roch: Playing six games on the road vs. division opponents didn't trip up the Orioles Not a bad stretch for the Birds.

Baltimore Orioles, Pittsburgh Pirates and Oakland A's aren't going away - Cliff Corcoran - "I'm not dead yet!"

Showalter sticking with Reynolds " Britt's Bird Watch A foolish consistency?

The Hubbub Over Headley Heath deconstructs the myth of Chase Headley using authentic frontier gibberish.

Minor Moves: Jake Fox, Scott Patterson: MLB Rumors - Fox a Phil...Yuni Betancourt is also available if there are any takers.

Young Shorebird sets sights high | The Daily Times | A little love for Rod Bernadina...

On this day in 1959, Hoyt Wilhelm threw 8.2 innings of no hit relief in an 18 inning marathon; in 1986, the O's and Rangers combined for three grand slams by Toby Harrah, Larry Sheets and Jim Dwyer in a 13-11 O's loss.

It's the birthday of Jim Hardin and Victor Zambrano and, while not an Oriole, John Shelby III gets a mention anyways.