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Tuesday Bird Droppings


Top o' the morn, folks. We are now a week into August and the Birds refuse to have their wings clipped. After regarding this club with caution all spring and summer long, I've begun to take my first few sips of the Orange Flavor-Aid. And I do so enjoy the taste. Just hope it doesn't leave me with too bad of a hangover. That's the champagne's job come October! Onward, ho! To the links!

Orioles vs. Mariners: Chris Tillman cruises in Baltimore’s 3-1 victory - The Washington Post
Is this the real Chris Tillman? Or is this just fantasy?

School of Roch: Tillman talks about his outing
Hard not to read his quotes in his sort-of 'Huckleberry Hound' type voice

Steve Melewski: Thome hopes to return in September

Why the Orioles’ postseason dream is all but impossible | Hit and Run
They see us rollin'. They hatin'.

Adair enjoying a winning year with Baltimore Orioles |
Keep doing that voodoo that you do, Rick.

Camden Yards visionary Smith going to Dodgers | News
And we wish her all the best in her new endeavor.

Offensive Players of the Week | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
Two Baby Birds gettin' some much deserved love!

Pitchers of the Week | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball
Bundy gets his due. And a familiar name sits atop this list.

Authentic Earl Weaver jersey bought for $3 at Bay Area thrift store | Big League Stew - Yahoo! Sports
Get thee to a local thrift shop!

Eddie Murray’s 25 Ways of Doing Business | NotGraphs Baseball
Eddie's a baaaaaaaaad motha....Shut yo mouth! I'm only talkin' 'bout Eddie!

Happy birfday wishes go out to one time O's Geronimo Gil, Jason Grimsley, and Don Larsen