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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Dr. Jones ought to wake up the best way a man can after his game winning hit last night.
Dr. Jones ought to wake up the best way a man can after his game winning hit last night.

Reunited (with a playoff slot) and it feeeeeeeels so good! Yessiree, thanks to those plucky A's defeating the Angels the O's are once again in control of one of the two Wild Card spots.

And who's that ominously whistling 'The Farmer and the Dell'? Oh, @*#%! The O's comin'!, cried the Yankees. 10 games out less than 3 weeks ago, them Birds find themselves with just a 4.5 game deficit as of this morning.

Tonight, only a wizened Mentor stands between these Birds and their 60th victory of the season. With the bullpen getting emptied last night / earlier this morning I'd imagine a fresh arm will be recalled from Norfolk. Could we get to witness Steve Johnson's first MLB start? It's not out of the realm of possibilities. Perhaps some link-form reading material will shed some light?

Seattle Mariners vs. Baltimore Orioles - Recap - August 07, 2012 - ESPN
Lead story. I approve of that placement.

Baltimore Orioles beat Seattle Mariners, 8-7, in 14 innings - The Washington Post
Maybe they ought to just play every game into extra innings?

School of Roch: Britton optioned, Steve Johnson starting tomorrow, Flaherty could go on DL
Well...there we go. The Professor of Posts answers our burning questions right in the lede.

Extra! Let's talk about the Orioles - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
The Worldwide Leader Takin' notice. 'Bout time.

Strop finding success with Orioles | News
Thanks, cannot be said enough, for the last parting gift that Andy Mac left this club.

Steve Melewski: For Pedro Strop, it's no longer about the radar gun
More love for Pedro.

Former Orioles star Cal Ripken Jr. inducted into International League Hall of Fame
What took so long?

An All-Time Baltimore Orioles Team: O's Roster for the Ages - Yahoo! Sports
I'm not sure about this. But, whatevs. Perhaps, someday, Dr. Jones will grace such a list.

One A Day - Stay in the Game | Sponsorship
Some video of Cal talking with Manny at the Futures Game

I recognize nary an O's related name amongst the listed birthdays for this day. And not much of substantial interest happened to the O's on this day in baseball history. But I did learn that there used to be a team named the Baltimore Canaries. So there's your factoid for the day.