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Steve Johnson and Miguel Socolovich, come on down!

Hello there, Steve Johnson.
Hello there, Steve Johnson.

It was informally announced last night, but now Steve Johnson has been officially called up to start tonight's game. Tommy Hunter will work in relief and should Steve fall down on the job he'll be the first man out of the pen. Johnson is taking the spot of Zach Britton, who was demoted last night after another poor start.

In addition to Johnson, the Orioles have called up Miguel Socolovich to have another fresh arm in the bullpen after last night's fourteen-inning game. Socolovich has had good numbers in AAA this year but in two previous stints with the Orioles wasn't that exciting. In fairness, though. he's only pitched twice in each call up.

In an "isn't it adorable" moment, the Orioles press release provided the following fun fact:

Johnson’s start tonight comes exactly 23 years to the day after his father made his first career start in Baltimore and picked up his first major league win in a complete-game outing against the Minnesota Twins.

Dave Johnson, Steve's daddy, was never a great pitcher, but he was a part of a little thing we know as the Why Not team of 1989. Nice little bit of symmetry as neither the '89 team nor this year's team was supposed to be any good, and yet here we are. If Steve Johnson wants to emulate his dad and throw a complete-game win, I would be ok with that, yessir.

To make room for Socolovich, the Orioles had placed Ryan Flaherty on the 15-day DL with a "bacterial infection." I'm not even going touch that one.