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Hoes all up in the Orioles clubhouse; Gregg finally bounced

We never did acquire a taste for his pitching, and it seems as long last we will never need to do so. Dan Connolly of The Baltimore Sun tweeted the following, and the rest of the season will not be the same:

Perhaps you have dreamed of this day. I have dreamed of it. I feel bad for celebrating a baseball player's misfortune in this way at times. All the way back in January, in a conversation with one of the Orioles writers at Fanfest, I mentioned that Gregg was obviously not much liked by the fans, and was told that reporters, at least, appreciate that he will take his lumps and give out quotes after a bad game. I guess that's nice for a reporter, but when you're a fan of the team Gregg pitches on, and those quotes are things like, "(Jorge Posada) had to do a lot of things right to hit that pitch out at this point in his career," you just don't like him much.

Gregg's tenure in Baltimore comes to a close after not quite two full years. He pitched in 103 games, threw 103.1 innings and had a 4.53 ERA. That cost the Orioles $10 million. Thanks, Andy MacPhail. You were good at some things, but signing relievers was not one of them. Gregg walked 64 batters in those innings and had a 1.655 WHIP in his Orioles playing time. Andrew noted on this week's Camdencast that Tampa Bay will probably sign Gregg next year and get him to pitch to a 2.00 ERA. I would not be shocked.

The reason Gregg was sent packing is because the Orioles have called up L.J. Hoes, who's been a subject of some excitement for Orioles fans since he was drafted in the third round in 2008 in part because he is a relatively local kid - he went to high school in Washington, D.C. - and in part because he has an awesome name. This year there was some more excitement. After the prospect-industrial complex had seemed to give up on Hoes, he went ahead and batted .300/.374/.397 in 82 games with Norfolk this year. He is only 22 years old, and, with the Orioles short on outfielders, he may find a little time to shine.

Don't get your hopes up too much, though, because the Orioles are also returning Endy Chavez to the big league club. He was off the 40-man roster, which necessitated another player to be sent to the great DFA in the sky. That player was Ryan Adams. You may have forgotten he existed. If Dan Duquette thought he had any value at all, he would be here and not Omar Quintanilla. So long, Ryan, and good luck where life next takes you, unless that place is playing against the Orioles in the future, in which case I hope you fail.

Hoes up, Gregg out, and the Orioles still reside in a wild card spot on September 11 with three games to play against the Rays starting tonight. So far, this is a good day. May it stay that way.