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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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The hits just keep on coming; literally and figuratively. The offense keeps going all 'HULK SMASH!' on the ball and swatting it outta the ballpark, while another key player goes down with a seemingly significant injury set-back. No time to sulk. Just gotta get back on the field and blow the other team's doors off again. Our good friend MiGo takes the bump tonight against another in the long line of Tampa Bay young pitchers. Does that club ever have injury or ineffectiveness befall a young pitcher? Not sure I've ever seen it happen.....but I digress. Onward, Ho(es)! To the links!

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Baltimore Orioles - Recap - September 11, 2012 - ESPN
The lovely totals.

MLB Hunt For October - MLB Playoff Predictions - Major League Baseball - ESPN
Your daily playoff odds calculator

Steve Melewski: Jason Hammel talks about his knee injury
Hate to sound callous, but ain't no one having any pity parties for the O's. Next man up.

MLB -- O's overcoming obstacles - ESPN
It's still a smidge disorienting to seeing them Birds featured in the main articles on ESPN so frequently.

Odd birds: How are Orioles in race? –
More national media head scratching.

Baltimore Orioles, despite key injuries, are tied for first place in the AL East - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN
I'd suggest the national media learn to Deal With It!

Surprising Baltimore Orioles reminiscent in some ways of 2008 Tampa Bay Rays - Tampa Bay Times
I don't want this team to be like the '08 Rays. I want them to actually finish the job and win the World Series!

Orioles Defying the Odds | FanGraphs Baseball

L.J. Hoes reacts to first major league call-up -
I'm very excited for Lil Jerome! Hopefully he'll get to make his debut at one of the next two games.

The O's Got The Win, But Lost a Bigger Piece In Nick Markakis | September
Mr. Moroz takes a look at the possible overall impact of the loss of Nikos.

Orioles Card "O" the Day: J. J. Hardy, 2012 Topps Opening Day #41
I <3 James Jerry!

Old News: Brooklyn-Baltimore Game Recap, 1887 | NotGraphs Baseball
Mr. Cistulli's prose is always a hoot.

Happy Birthday to 'Why Not?' O', Mark Thurmond. On this day in 1901, old-timey HoF O, Joe McGinnity hurled CGs in both ends of a double header. Winning the first game and losing the second. They don't make 'em like they used to....In 1964 the O's and A's pitched dueling 1-hitters against each other. The O's would emerge victorious. In 1988 EDDIE! EDDIE! would notch his 2000th career hit.