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Camdencast Comment Box for 9/16

The Orioles are currently in first place. By the time Sunday night rolls around and it's podcast time, they could still be tied. Or they could have fallen back. Or the Yankees could have fallen back. Who knows? What I can tell you is that there will be some recording on Sunday night, and now is the time to get your questions in.

There exists the possibility that the mailbag segment on the next episode will be me flying solo and answering questions. So I need good things to talk about now more than ever. OK, I shouldn't be so melodramatic. I'd like to have some great questions or topics to discuss, however. If it has to do with the Orioles, or baseball in general, and you don't think it is being discussed so much in countless other venues to the point where you want to vomit, let me have it!

What do you want to hear about on the next Camdencast? Let me know below and your question could make it onto the next episode. I'll read your question or topic, give you a little shout-out and then have at it, and you never really know where the discussion of that question will lead.