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Sunday Bird Droppings


Orioles waste what few opportunities they have in 5-2 loss to Athletics - The Washington Post
"The Orioles have a lot of explaining to do after dropping their second straight on this nine-game road trip." Yeah, Adam Jones doesn't know why he slowed down running to the plate, either.

Orioles' Mark Reynolds downplays that left biceps went numb at the plate -
"The previous at-bat he took a hard swing with his biceps in his left arm, it had just gone numb on him," Showalter said. "It came back for him. We will see how he is tomorrow." Oh, goody.

Yankees Alone in First Place After Win Over Rays, Orioles’ Loss - Bloomberg
"The New York Yankees reclaimed solo possession of first place in the American League East, beating the Tampa Bay Rays 5-3 as the Baltimore Orioles fell 5-2 in Oakland." Because last night's O's game wasn't enough fun in and of itself.

Orioles' Xavier Avery says he will keep on running - Baltimore Sun
"Orioles rookie Xavier Avery, who was caught stealing in the ninth inning to end Friday’s 3-2 loss to the Oakland A’s, said he had the green light to steal second in Chris Davis’ at-bat if he thought he could make it. And he thought he could – in fact, he still thinks he was safe on the game-ender at second base." X, when the ump says you're out, you're out.

Randy Wolf will make first Orioles start on Sunday | News
"I always thought somewhere, somehow there was going to be a silver lining," said Wolf, who last started Aug. 19 as a member of the Brewers." So there's that.

Steve Melewski: Orioles' instructional league roster
"The Orioles' instructional league is under way at the team's spring training home in Sarasota, Fla. There are 59 players listed on the instructional league roster, with 31 pitches, five catchers, eight infielders, eight outfielders and seven players taking part in rehab." No, I am not listing them here. Go read the link.