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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Big 'ol grins are Birdland!
Big 'ol grins are Birdland!

The march towards the playoffs continues. Though it's still a 5 team race for 2 Wild Card slots, I dare say it's becoming.....inevitable. A crucial victory to get the first game of the series vs. the Mariners. Tillman's return is encouraging, though concerns linger. McLouth continues to be a wrecking ball at the top of the order. And Matty's bat has become a destroyer of baseballs. Always crucial to get a win in the first game of the series. Even better if a team can run roughshod over the opposing bullpen in that first game; an encouraging set-up for the remaining two games.

A 1/2 game out of the Division lead. 1.5 behind Oakland for the #1 Wild Card. And a decent cushion developing for the #2 Wild Card: 3 games over the LAA, 5 up on the Rays, and 5.5 on the Tigers. Just gotta keep winning. Don't allow the other clubs a chance to make up ground. And take advantage of the losers of the Oakland vs. Detroit and Texas vs. LAA matchups.

Baltimore Orioles vs. Seattle Mariners - Recap - September 17, 2012 - ESPN
The lovely totals.

Pennant-hungry Baltimore devours Noesi’s early meatballs | Seattle Mariners | The Bellingham Herald
A most tasty headline!

The A's, Orioles and miracle teams - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Schoenfield attempts to deduce what makes up a miracle.

Thome closing in on return to Orioles | News
JimJam gonna mash some October taters! Plus updates on Hammel, Nolan, and Troy. So if you ask about any of them in the Open Thread comments be prepared to be mocked.

Lover, Not Fighter: Dennis Martinez | NotGraphs Baseball
El Presidente beats a diplomatic, though hasty, retreat.

Today is the birthday of 60's era O, Harvey 'The Kitten' Haddix. On this day in 1988 Bob Milacki made his debut, allowing 1 hit in 8 innings vs. the Tigers.