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Jim Thome and Troy Patton Reinstated from Disabled List

Peek a boo!
Peek a boo!

The Orioles have announced that LHP Troy Patton and DH Jim Thome have been added back to the roster from the disabled list. Thome had been on the DL since July 28th due to a herniated disc in his neck. Patton has been out with a sprained ankle since August 14th.

Thome only played 18 games for the Orioles before going on the DL, and he put up a hitting line of .261/.354/.391. He only had two homers, both of which came in the series against the Indians. Who knows what he'll bring to the plate or if he'll regain any of his past power, but I would personally rather see him in the lineup with Chris Davis in right field instead of Endy Chavez. In related news, I apparently hate good defense.

Patton had been an integral part of the bullpen before his injury and for awhile the lone lefty. Brian Matusz has come on to fill that role nicely of late, but remember the dark days of J.C. Romero? I'm very glad to have him back.

Welcome back, Jim Jam and Troy! Now let's go kick some Red Sox booty.