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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Links about last night's game, injuries, and the status of our dearly departed players.

Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Good morning everyone. It looks like the powers that be heard your cries regarding the yellow on unread comments and green on rec'd comments, because they are definitely darker this morning. It looks like mustard and boogers.

So, the O's lost last night, but so did the Yankees. Unfortunately the Angels, A's, and Rays all won as well. The Orioles are still 1.5 back of the Yankees and are now just 0.5 up on the A's for the first wild card. Gotta get the split today, guys!

Steve Melewski: Adam Jones, Dylan Bundy and Joe Saunders comment after O's loss to Blue Jays
Adam Jones was asked if the pressure was getting to them. Imagine he said yes?

Wolf awaiting MRI results, word from doctors |
Randy Wolf had an MRI on his sore elbow, no word on the results yet.

Orioles right-hander Jason Hammel passes full mound bullpen session test -
Hammel threw 35 pitches in the Orioles' bullpen before Tuesday’s game and tested out a new knee brace that he said was similar to a quarterback brace and was very helpful in keeping his knee stable. No timetable for his return yet.

Camden Depot: Catching Up on Players Disgarded from 2011
How are the former O's doing? It's not a pretty list for the most part.

2012 Orioles Surpass 1989 "Why Not" Season Win Total
The unlikely 2012 Orioles have often been compared to their 1989 counterparts. On Monday, the O's surpassed their "Why Not" season win total.