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The Baltimore Orioles are going to the playoffs!

Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Orioles were unfortunately not able to celebrate going to the playoffs on the field with their fans today, but thanks to an Angels loss in the second game of their double header with the Rangers, the O's are now ensured of at least a wild card game in the 2012 playoffs.

This is, of course, the O's first playoff berth since 1997, their last winning season. It's been a wild ride this year, and the best season of baseball I can ever remember experiencing.

But the Orioles aren't done yet. They still have three games left against the Tampa Bay Rays beginning tomorrow, and they are currently tied for first place with the New York Yankees. If the Orioles pull ahead of the Yankees over the next three days, the division will be theirs and they will get at least three games in the playoffs. If the Yankees takes the division, the Orioles will play Friday, October 5th in the Wild Card game, most likely against the Oakland Athletics. And if they Orioles and Yankees end the season tied for first, they'll play game 163, a tiebreaker, at Camden Yards on Thursday, October 4th.

Until tomorrow at 7 p.m., though, all we need to think about is the fact that the Baltimore Orioles WILL be playing in the postseason.

Woo! Just keep winning.