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Camdencast Episode 37 - One Game Back

The Orioles are one game back of New York in the American League East, which makes perfect timing for a podcast that was recorded to close out the Labor Day weekend. With Andrew off carousing about Rochester and something to do with a fantasy football draft, I was joined by the once and future Bowser, Stacey, for some attempts to make sense of how the O's have gotten to this point. Is there a more rational explanation to all of this than Orioles Magic? We sure tried to find out.

From the comment box, a question from kba26 about what can be done with the current roster to improve the O's chances of winning games - a different culprit came to mind for each of us here. And also we answered a question from Orangeravens about who should write or perform a 2012 Orioles anthem, if such a thing were written. Stacey and I considered some of the Baltimore- and Maryland-connected artists we knew about to try to figure this out. If I do say so myself, this is one of my favorite bits we have done yet.

After that, looking ahead to the rest of this Blue Jays series and then the big four-game showdown with the Yankees. The stakes of that series will depend on the results over the next two days and we sure hope the O's will keep up the pressure by winning. Should they be able to navigate the Jays? Who's going to be facing them from the Yankees M.A.S.H. contingent?

We run through all this and more shenanigans in the latest Camdencast.

This episode is a little more than an hour in length. Break 1 happens at 22:45 and break 2 happens at 44:45 in case you need to get up and come back later. Click on "Continue reading this post" for an embedded streaming player of the episode. It will play in your browser. All you need to do is press the triangle button to get it to play.

If you were subscribed to Camdencast on iTunes, you might have been able to listen to the podcast even before this post went up. You can also use another program of your choice to subscribe with the XML.

Camdencast remains safe for work, provided that your boss doesn't mind you listening to podcasts instead of while doing work.

We should be back next Monday at the usual time. Look for the Comment Box on Thursday or Friday if you'd like to get your question onto the next episode. In the meantime, any other feedback on the show is always welcome below. Thank you all for the continuing support. Take care until next time!