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Coming soon: SB Nation United, and a new logo

Hello Camden Chatters,

With Stacey being on vacation, this is the prime moment for me to seize power bloodlessly and institute a series of reforms I get to be the bearer of some exciting news for the site and SB Nation in general. I've been getting occasional updates about the new SB Nation United platform over the last few months, and it all sounds pretty cool.

What is SB Nation United, you ask? The people at SB Nation would like for the network of blogs to be more well, united. They have designed a whole new platform for us site writers that should really enhance our ability to share cool stuff with you. I have seen some of the new things that are to come, and I think it will be neat. I can't tell you how many times I've seen someone post a great story on the site and then I think it's a shame when it gets bumped by the next thread to get posted.

Sometimes I don't even want to post a news tidbit because I don't want to bury some other great piece of writing. One of the things with the new layout to come is we, the writers of Camden Chat, will get to decide what stories are important and should stay near the top. It'll be the same Camden Chat, run by the same people as now. We'll just have a lot more cool stuff at our fingertips to bring you great Orioles coverage.

So, that kind of stuff is coming "over the next month," I am told. The first step is unveiling to you now the new logo for the site that will be coming along with the new platform:


If you're like me, you probably wondered why the logo has to change. I like that our logo now is distinct and captures some distinct Orioles landmarks and logos. I know for a fact that Stacey gave input to the design team about what she liked about our current logo and they took that feedback and gave us a great new logo that will fit the style across the network. I enjoy that they were able to keep the profile of the B&O Warehouse, the bird and the orange and black color scheme. You can still look at our logo and know right away, "That's the best Baltimore Orioles blog anywhere."

You can check out the new logos for each of the other blogs on the network here. Some of the other ones are pretty cool too.

Yours in Birdland,

a.k.a. Eat More Esskay