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Camdencast Comment Box for 9/9

The time has arrived once again to take some comments and questions for the mailbag segment on the next Camdencast, which will be recorded on the evening of 9/9, after the conclusion of this series against New York and before the Monday off day and Tuesday-Thursday series against Tampa Bay.

As always, we'll be looking to pick out topics that give us something interesting to talk about. If there are two or three good ones, that will make us happy. Last time, we offered our opinions on one thing that the Orioles could do to improve with their current roster, and had a fun little trip through the world of living Maryland recording artists who might do a song for the 2012 Orioles.

What do you want to hear on the next Camdencast? Let us know below and your question could make it onto the next episode! We'll read your topic, credit who we've picked and then have at it, and you never really know what we might end up saying.