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Tuesday Bird Droppings

All the news that's fit to link

Just trollin O'sFan21 with this pic
Just trollin O'sFan21 with this pic
Jed Jacobsohn

In the musical 'Annie' it was cheerfully sung that 'The Sun'll come out...tomorrow. Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun.' Yeah...well...I'm calling Annie a liar. Frankly, at this point I'm more inclined to put stock in the proverb 'Tomorrow never comes'. 'Cause I don't think this pea-soup mist / overcast grey sky is ever going to leave the Mid-Atlantic region. Give me sub-freezing and windy any day, so long as it's clear out. Blah. April baseball is too darn far away. But enough grumbling. There's actual 'news' emanating from the august chambers of The Warehouse!

Orioles, Tommy Hunter agree to one-year, $1.82M deal -
Just as the arbitration prediction system at MLBTradeRumors said they would. FWIW, MLBTR predicted salaries of $6.9m for Jim Johnson and $4.6m for Matt Wieters.

School of Roch: Taking another look at Matusz and maneuverability

Mr. Matusz was the topic of some entertaining discussion in yesterday's thread. Here's Roch's take on what to do with him.

Could Orioles trade Jim Johnson for Porcello? - Yardbarker

'Bout time someone in the national media brought up such an idea. Also: a pretty nice job by Morosi breaking down the case for why it makes sense. I was duly impressed.

Orioles101 Sits Down with Baltimore Orioles Pitcher Zach Britton | Orioles 101 | Sports Media 101

Some boiler-plate Q & A with the sinker ball specialist.

FanGraphs Audio: Prospects with Marc Hulet | FanGraphs Baseball

Our favorite Curacao-ian (sp?) prospect gets discussed beginning around the 28 min mark. Mental note: need to tweet at Cistuli and Hulet the proper pronunciation of 'Schoop'.

Today marks the 64th birthday of Bobby Grich. On this day in 1999, the O's and Heathcliff Slocumb agreed to a one year deal. He would ultimately be released before the end of April after allowing 12 ER over 8.2 IP. Fun times!