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Do you like pizza? Me too! Let's have a party!

Be there or be lame!

Mark A. Cunningham

So way back on May 17th, I declared in a game thread that if the Orioles topped 81 wins, I was going to throw Camden Chat a pizza party. As things tend to do here at Camden Chat, it sort of became a thing that will never die.

But I made a promise, and I deliver on my promises. So if you'll be in the Baltimore area this Saturday (perhaps for FanFest?), join me at Uno's in the Inner Harbor to eat pizza, drink beer, and talk about the Orioles. Or if you happen to be a weirdo who doesn't like pizza, just drink beer!

I'll be sticking around Fan Fest probably until the end, which is 6 p.m. Then I'll head over to Uno, probably get there around 6:30.

So let me know in the comments if you think you might be there, just so I know who to expect. Or if you'll be at Fan Fest and would like to say hello there, put that in the comments too!