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Baltimore Orioles Press Conference for Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette Contract Extensions

The Orioles never pass up a chance for a press conference in a slow news offseason. Today is no exception.

Mitchell Layton

The Orioles have had press conferences for signings varying from Tsuyoshi Wada joining the organization to Adam Jones having his contract extended. For crying out loud, they had a conference call to announce the re-signing of Nate McLouth.

So you can bet that the extensions through 2018 of Buck Showalter as manager and Dan Duquette as executive vice president of baseball operations is worth setting things up in the sixth floor of the warehouse, which is exactly what they are doing.

The press conference is set to air on MASN at 10 o'clock. If you end up missing it because you were working and read this later, have no fear: your faithful blogger is here to transcribe and see if anyone says anything interesting. They probably won't, but you never know.