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Orioles agree to terms with Wieters, Davis, Matusz, and Patton

Matt Wieters, Chris Davis, Brian Matusz, and Troy Patton have avoided an arbitration hearing by coming to terms with the Orioles on contracts for 2013.

Rob Carr

The Baltimore Orioles signed deals for 2013 today with several players, including stud catcher Matt Wieters. Unfortunately (although not surprisingly) Wieters was not signed for multiple years. Instead he signed for $5.5M for 2013. I'm still holding out hope for a longer deal, maybe like Adam Jones did mid-season last year!

Additionally, the Orioles signed Brian Matusz to a $1.6M deal, Chris Davis to a $3.3M deal, and Troy Patton to an $815K contract, all for 2013.

After signing Tommy Hunter last week for $1.82M, the Orioles payroll was up to about $61M. With the addition of these four players it's now at roughly $72M, not including their pre-arb eligible players like Manny Machado, and the three remaining arbitration eligible players, Jason Hammel, Jim Johnson, and Darren O'Day. If MLTBR's projections are right (and they are usually in the ballpark), those three guys alone will add over $15M more to the payroll.