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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Back to work, holiday celebration time is over.

This is my Boom-Stick
This is my Boom-Stick
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Another day of nothing from the Warehouse. 17 days until Fanfest. I will hold out hope that something happens by then until, invariably, nothing happens by then. Remember, the Hammel-Lindstrom for Guthrie trade didn't happen until early February. Duq' ain't one to blink.

Orioles interested in bringing back Matt Lindstrom | HardballTalk
and I'd be happy to see him return. Gotta clarify the bullpen situation first though.

Camden Depot: Relying on Reimold
If you happen to find a heads-up penny, or pick a four leaf clover, or catch a glimpse of a digital clock when it reads 11:11, or see a shooting star passing overhead in the night's sky...use your wish to ask for good health and a full season from Nolan please.

2013 Projections: Alexi Casilla | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

Shorter version: He's not the next Robinson Cano