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Friday Bird Droppings

A playground for instigators...

Mitchell Layton

Another offseason Friday. I won't bore you with talk of how bored I am. I must say, though, I'm pretty stoked for some playoff football this weekend.

School of Roch: Showalter nearing agreement on contract extension I have to imagine this gets done soon.

Orioles FanFest autograph vouchers on sale Saturday " Britt's Bird Watch...if that's your thing.

Baseball America | Blog | Baseball America Prospects Blog | Orioles Release Top 2011 Latin American Signing Elvis Duran This was discussed in yesterday's open thread, but I didn't see whether or not the elbow injury Badler notes was raised.

Camden Depot: Orioles Depend on Nats to Improve TV Deal Pretty graphs!

Javier Vazquez joins the comeback fad - Baseball Nation It will be interesting to see what the market for Vazquez looks like when dollar figures start getting batted around. No pun intended?

The Changing Value of Draft Picks | FanGraphs Baseball Per usual, a somewhat thought provoking piece from Dave Cameron.

On this day in 2011, the Orioles signed Kevin Gregg for some reason. It's the birthday of Jay Tibbs and Tim Bascom.