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Monday Bird Droppings

Now back to our full complement of Luises...

Rob Carr

No, you didn't miss any overnight transactions and Showalter extension talks appear to be ongoing (or maybe they've been settled and the organization is taking a dramatic pause)...I know some football fans in the community are bummed this morning, some are not and tonight's college championship seems destined to inspire euphoria or rage.

How about them Caps?

Monday morning notes on Orioles catching depth, Cuban defector Henry Urrutia - The Urrutia situation is getting old. If only someone with the club knew some high powered attorney and political player to move things along...

Bundy, Gausman to start in minors | CSN Baltimore Seems like a very definite statement.

School of Roch: Bordick talks about three Orioles infielders That Machado kid's alright!

Market Value for Joe SaundersBaltimore Sports and Life I can't say I like the conclusion, but it makes a lot of sense.

Camden Depot: Arrivals and Departures (1/7/2013) Jon Shepherd's exhaustive catalog of transactions, options and the like.

On this day in 1985, Hoyt Wilhelm was elected to the Hall of Fame. It's the birthday of Ross Grimsley.