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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Tuesdays with Bird poo. Eat your heart out Mitch Albom!

This pic is more adorable than Felix Pie!
This pic is more adorable than Felix Pie!

Another day, another whole lotta nothin going on at the Warehouse. Such is life during the off season. Though there was a late night tweet twocked by the bow-tied rumor marauder, Ken Rosenthal that stated the O's have demonstrated some degree of interest in the Diamondbacks' Justin Upton, though the O's remain more focused on Starting Pitching. Interesting! I'll spare you any BCS game editorializing, because frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn. Onward, towards destiny! Onward, towards the links!

School of Roch: Quick Showalter contract update
Unless HBGM has a trade or signing of some sort lined up it would seem this is a perfect announcement to keep in the back pocket until Fanfest. Would be certain garner a positive reaction out of the hordes descending upon the Convention Center on the 19th.

Orioles have contingencies at second base | News

Sorta like how the Titanic had contingencies in the event of a ship evacuation...

The Orioles' inactivity is the best of many bad options. | : Jonathan Bernhardt Article

A vote for punting on 2013 in pursuit of making a Bundy-Gausman lead run for the division in 2014.

Baltimore Orioles need starters with double-digit wins in 2013

Wins? Yeah. Sure. I'll...uh...just check with the boys down in the scouting department. four more scouts working on it. They got 'em working in shifts!

Bird Talk - Episode 10Baltimore Sports and Life

For those that have an O's-centric podcast void in their heart, BS&L is here to comfort you through these trying times.

Today is the birthday of Stephen Hawking! Read about black holes and the structure of the universe in his honor. On this day in 2003, EDD-IE! EDD-IE! Murray was elected to the Hall of Fame on his first ballot with 85% of the vote.