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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Hopefully this is the last day we have to hear or read any Jack Morris-HOF arguments.

Greg Fiume

Ah...finally. Hall of Fame induction announcement day. Let's get this over with. The moral grandstanding has worn thin. The apoplexy of the stats-oriented has grown annoying. And I find the tearing down of players who were really good to be unfortunate. But I suppose that is the type of reaction to expect when backers of a certain player try to paint said player in a light he has never been painted in at any point in his career. Can't wait for the Bernie Williams crowd to start harping upon his case. Ugh.

Anywho...I suppose if Morris gets the nod it should portend good news for a truly deserving candidate come next year. I speak, of course, of one Micheal Cole Mussina. But, of course, some sort of double-standard being applied to his case would surprise me about as much as the sun coming up in the eastern horizon each morning. Time will tell. Onward, fellow travelers; to adventure! To, the links!

The Hall of Fame, From Scratch | FanGraphs Baseball
Dave Cameron channels his inner Ronnie Reagan: "Tear down this Hall!"

Suspicion of Steroid Use Could Keep Bagwell and Piazza Out of Hall -
King Nerd Nate Silver with a neato breakdown of HOF voting patterns.

Some Comps for Mike Morse | FanGraphs Baseball

Pretty decent list. I'd be perfectly content with a Troy Patton for Michael Morse swap. Particularly because we O's fans know the reality of the situation is that Troy Patton doesn't really exist!

Steve Melewski: A look at another pitching prospect: Pinales shows early promise and potential
6-foot-4, 155 lbs?! WESTERNIZE THAT DIET!

Baltimore Orioles Top 15 Prospects (2012-13) | FanGraphs Baseball
Thar's gold in them thar arms!

Baltimore Orioles 2013 Top 15 Prospects | Bullpen Banter
Another recent prospect list. It's that time of year! AKA: The Most Wonderful Time of Year!

On this day 110 years ago, the defunct Baltimore Orioles franchise is purchased for $18 grand. The team will be moved to New York and renamed The Highlanders. This club will eventually morph into the modern day New York Yankees. In 1990, Jim Palmer was elected to the HOF on his first ballot.