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Monday Bird Droppings

Greg Fiume

So, that ALCS game yesterday was nuts. You'd be right if you thought that the 2013 Orioles bullpen was a bit of a letdown, but how about that Tigers bullpen? You look at that Detroit rotation and wonder how they could have only won 93 games, and then? Yeesh.

Not too much afoot in Birdland.

HARRIS: Cal Ripken Jr. would bring buzz as manager, but Nats need substance - Washington Times I actually think Cal would be fine as a manager, or more to the point, I don't think his lack of professional experience managing would be a hindrance. I can understand why the Nats might be a little risk averse, though.

Steve Melewski: The Sisco kid had a strong first year for the Orioles The Sisco Kid? Hmmmm...

School of Roch: Starting the early talk about the rotation I'd rather talk about kings and cabbages.

Free Agent Faceoff: Scott Feldman vs. Paul Maholm: MLB Rumors Would you really consider Feldman to be a soft tosser?

Baltimore Orioles Rumors: Carlos Beltran Should be an Offseason Target "Baltimore Orioles should make a point of going after Carlos Beltran this offseason." I don't know, man...

Should the Orioles bring back Michael Morse? I wouldn't have thought there was a case to be made here. It's pretty thin gruel, but it exists.

It's the birthday of Kiko Garcia, Carl Nichols and the fabulous Midre Cummings.