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Saturday Bird Droppings

The Cardinals are going to the World Series. Will the Red Sox join them with a win tonight or can the Tigers hold on for one more day?


2013 is the fourth year in the past ten that that St. Louis Cardinals have gone to the World Series. That's absurd. If the Red Sox make it too...I don't even want to talk about it.

Rick Adair speaks about leaving the Orioles -
He doesn't say so, but it sounds like the Orioles didn't want him to return. Pretty good interview.

Orioles interested in Atlanta's Dave Wallace as pitching coach -
Also Rich Dubee, Carl Willis, and Andy Hawkins. The Orioles' Contributing Players
Part three in Paul Folkemer's look at every player on the O's roster.

Camden Depot: Making the Orioles a Champion in 2014: Designated Hitter
Did you know the Orioles were bad at DH in 2013. It's true! Joe Reisel has some suggestions on how to improve.

Today is the birthday of former Orioles Oswaldo PerazaVic Roznovsky, and Jose Bautista (the one who is currently a Blue Jay, not this one).