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Monday Bird Droppings

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Just not a lot happening in and around the Warehouse, it seems. I guess there's preparations for pitching coach interviews? I'm sure the beats will keep us apprised of any related goings on.

Orioles need more pieces to effectively trade | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore The O's have some depth issues in their system.

Should Brian Matusz Be Used as Trade Bait This Winter for Baltimore Orioles? | Orioles 101 | Sports Media 101
...but is minor league depth the only source for potential trades? I've always thought San Diego would be a natural fit for Matusz.

Steve Melewski: A take on the Orioles minor leagues: pitcher Hunter Harvey
Steve-o offers up some perspective on Hunter Harvey. I wonder how far up the chain he'll move in 2014.

Comparing Manny Machado to Starlin Castro
"Making the comparison between Manny Machado and Starlin Castro. Is Manny Machado doomed to regress the same way Starlin Castro has?" BLASPHEMER!