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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Will the O's be interested in a heapin' helpin' of Country Breakfast? What to do about LF? What does the 'crowd' project Choo's next contract to look like? All that and more in today's edition of Bird Droppings.

Happier times...
Happier times...
Patrick McDermott

No better alternative in left than McLouth for Orioles | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Well, there are a number of better alternatives, actually, They just happen to cost a lot more.

Why Cuban players are increasingly valuable to MLB teams. | : Jorge Arangure Jr. Article

It certainly will be interesting to see this influx of Cuban players into MLB. Another case of the O's playing at the fringes while being hesitant to make an aggressive move before the market exploded. How good do the contracts for Chapman, Cespedes, Soler, and Puig look now?

FanGraphs Crowd: The Top 47 Free Agents | FanGraphs Baseball
Crowdsourced prices are out. Let's go shopping!

So, what’s the market for Billy Butler anyway? | HardballTalk

The O's will (rightfully) be mentioned as potential suitors for him all Winter. The questions are, of course: what do the Royals want? What would the O's be willing to give? And how would any potential O's offer compare to that of another team interested in Butler?

School of Roch: Checking on a few Orioles with the Surprise Saguaros

Because I'm a sucker for any minor league related post.

Some thoughts on Boston Red Sox closer Koji Uehara -

Still breaks my heart seeing him in that uniform.

The Worst of the Best: The Season’s Wildest Swings | FanGraphs Baseball

Legitimately surprised Dr. Jones didn't make this list.

Happy Birthday wishes to O's Hitting Coach, Jim Presley!