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Sunday Bird Droppings

Nolan Reimold should have some questions about his first surgery, the new Reds manager was drafted by the Orioles back in the day, and Sammy Stewart is doing OK. And that's great to see.

It's not that far from orange to gold.
It's not that far from orange to gold.

Any way you cut it, Orioles third baseman Manny Machado a Gold Glover -
Eduardo Encina makes the risky bet that Manny Machado will indeed win the Gold Glove for third base this year. Way to go out on a limb, Eddie. He does, in his defense (see what I did there?) offer quite a bit of love for advanced stats in his litany of reasons why Manny's a sure thing.

School of Roch: For Bobby Dickerson, coaching Orioles infielders is a glove story
"It's exciting to have three guys from the infield, and if you look at second base, really, Brian Roberts, Ryan Flaherty and Alexi Casilla all played, if you look at the numbers compared to the league, easily in the top of the league." I do appreciate seeing fielders actually make plays instead of fall all over themselves or have the range of a falling fence post. Looking at YOU, Mark Reynolds.

School of Roch: Taking a few questions on a Saturday
Roch answers a few questions, such as "Should the Orioles trade J.J. Hardy?" and "Why did Maryland schedule Clemson for homecoming?" No wait, he didn't answer that one, he asked it. And it's a good question.

Pitching coaches now thought of as serious managerial candidates - Sports - The Boston Globe
Buried deep in this article is a good question - why not Rick Peterson for pitching coach of the Orioles?

School of Roch: Reimold: "At this point, I'm way further ahead than I was last year"
Sounds like Nolan's got some questions for the surgeon who did his first surgery. Read his quotes and he sounds like he has a legit gripe about his treatment protocol from last winter.

Reds manager Bryan Price inspired by father, family |
The Orioles were the second of three teams to draft the new Reds manager as a player. Sounds like an interesting guy.

Former Oriole Sammy Stewart is out of prison and enjoying a "simple life" -
"Thirty years after he pitched for the Orioles in the World Series, Sammy Stewart is out of prison and free of a drug addiction that ruined his life for nearly two decades." His story seems to be heading for a happy ending after all.

Happy birthday to former Orioles Jason Johnson, Pedro Swann and one-game Oriole Del Rice. He had a -100 OPS+ for that game.

Happy NFL watching! Use this as your NFL thread if so desired. Or not. I'm not here to tell you how to live your life.