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World Series Game 4: Red Sox @ Cardinals; St. Louis leads 2-1

The World Series continues on Sunday night after a wild Saturday finisher left the Cardinals up two games to one in the series. Clay Buchholz takes the mound for the Boston Red Sox, with Lance Lynn starting for St. Louis.

Ronald Martinez

To paraphrase the great Robert Andino: End of a World Series game, to see Boston go home, crying, I'll take it every day. Perhaps the Cardinals can take it to the Red Sox in improbable fashion for the second straight night. Or perhaps they can just lay an epic beatdown upon the bearded bums of Boston.

Reports over the last couple of days have indicated that Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz does not seem supremely confident in himself, with media members questioning whether he has a dead arm and whether he will be able to go deep into this game. None of which means that he will, in fact, have a poor game. He could throw a no-hitter or something. No one really knows. No one expects a game to end with an obstruction call, but these things can happen.

That's what makes baseball fun. It's boring, but there's a rhythm to that boring-ness, a rhythm that allows you to carry on conversations or do laundry or whatever you need to do, and it'll be there when you look up again. Then sometimes it gets crazy and that makes all the slow moments worth it.

Matt Carpenter (L) - 2B Jacoby Ellsbury (L) - CF
Carlos Beltran (S) - RF Daniel Nava (S) - RF
Matt Holliday (R) - LF Dustin Pedroia (R) - 2B
Matt Adams (L) - 1B David Ortiz (L) - 1B
Yadier Molina (R) - C Jonny Gomes (R) - LF
Jon Jay (L) - CF Xander Bogaerts (R) - 3B
David Freese (R) - 3B Stephen Drew (L) - SS
Daniel Descalso (L) - SS David Ross (R) - C
Lance Lynn (R) - P Clay Buchholz (L) - P