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Monday Bird Droppings

Jason Miller

Well, a World Series matchup that I was not too excited about has at least produced some memorable moments. Obviously, some sort of circuit was fried last night as Team Robot ended the game on a stupid baserunning mistake. It's nice to see Koji Uehara maintain his airy status as a prince among hobos.

Thin gruel on the Orioles news front, friends.

School of Roch: This and that
Pitching coach, etc.

O's prospect Tim Berry continues to impress as Saguaros top Scorpions | News
More love for Tim Berry. He was also named Baseball Prospectus' Pitcher of the Day for this outing.

Arbitrary contract numbers for Orioles | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Another opinion on MLBTR's arbitration projections.

Camden Depot: Making the Orioles a Champion in 2014: Bench Camden Depot continues it's look at the Orioles' offseason.

The 12 most bizarre endings to World Series games
Can you think of an O's World Series game that fits here?

It's the birthday of Nate McLouth, Sammy Stewart, Bob Melvin, Juan Guzman and old timey O's Doc Lavan, George Hennessey and Benny Bowcock.