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Camden Chat GIF Tournament, Part II: Davis crushes homers vs Jones tricks the runner

The second half GIF tournament kicks off with two of your favorite Orioles.

Greg Fiume

The Camden Chat GIF tournament is back! You may remember that the Markakis Home Run Girl took home first place in the GIF tourney that spanned the first half of the 2013 season. Who will join her in the finals in a chance to be crowned the 2013 Camden Chat GIF Champion?

The Orioles season has been over for a month now, which means that many of the GIFs you'll see in this tournament haven't been thought of in months. One thing I discovered when pulling the winners of the GIFs of the week for this series is that a GIF that seemed great just after it happened doesn't necessarily stand the test of time. Only some GIFs have that je ne sais quoi to still be fantastic once the memories have cooled.

Just as in the first-half tournament, this contest has 12 Orioles-related GIFs for you to vote on. You can find the complete bracket at the bottom of this page (clicking the bracket will take you to a webpage where you can look at each of the GIFs). It is compiled of nine weekly winners and three wild cards. The wild cards were the three GIFs that got the highest total of votes other than first place winners. Got it? The seeding was done by the % of votes each winner got in their respective week (the #1 seed is ridiculous, as you'll see). The three wild cards were seeded by their total votes.

The first battle matches up two of the few GIFs that actually focus on good baseball playing (as opposed to things that happen at a baseball game or baseball players doing silly things). It's the #5 seed vs the #12 seed. #5 is a GIF that released when Chris Davis reached 50 home runs, and it's fantastic. It appeared in the September 16th edition of GIFs of the Week. The #12 seed, which we first saw on July 22nd, is a heads up play by Adam Jones where he faked that he wsa going to catch a fly ball to fool the runner at first, then threw him out at second. Pretty nifty, Adam! Here they are:


Voting will last until 11 a.m.tomorrow, when the next match is posted.