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National League Division Series Opening Games: Pirates @ Cardinals, Dodgers @ Braves

Game 1 of each NLDS series will take place on Thursday, with the Pirates at Cardinals at 5 and Dodgers at Braves starting at 8:30. The games will be televised on TBS.

Christian Petersen

It's day 1 of the National League Division Series, so basically, whatever. However, you may feel a strong pull to root against the Pirates due to ancient Baltimore history (or its current NFL division), or a pull to root for the Pirates because of former Camden Chat writer Andrew Gibson.

Either way, we're going to have to watch pitchers batting today, so in that sense, we all lose.

Matt Carpenter (L) - 2B Starling Marte (R) - LF
Carlos Beltran (S) - RF Neil Walker (S) - 2B
Matt Holliday (R) - LF Andrew McCutchen (R) - CF
Matt Adams (L) - 1B Justin Morneau (L) - 1B
Yadier Molina (R) - C Marlon Byrd (R) - RF
Jon Jay (L) - CF Pedro Alvarez (L) - 3B
David Freese (R) - 3B Russell Martin (R) - C
Daniel Descalso (L) - SS Clint Barmes (R) - SS
Adam Wainwright (R) - P A.J. Burnett (R) - P

For the matchup between the Dodgers and Braves, it's very simple: root for Yasiel Puig to hit a home run, stand and admire it for five seconds, then slowly trot around the basepaths while doing the tomahawk chop.

Jason Heyward (L) - CF Carl Crawford (L) - LF
Justin Upton (R) - RF Mark Ellis (R) - 2B
Freddie Freeman (L) - 1B Hanley Ramirez (R) - SS
Evan Gattis (R) - LF Adrian Gonzalez (L) - 1B
Brian McCann (L) - C Yasiel Puig (R) - RF
Chris Johnson (R) - 3B Juan Uribe (R) - 3B
Andrelton Simmons (R) - SS Skip Schumaker (L) - CF
Elliot Johnson (S) - 2B A.J. Ellis (R) - C
Kris Medlen (S) - P Clayton Kershaw (L) - P