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Camden Chat GIF Tournament, Part II: Mount Crushmore vs Put Your Hands Up!

Our GIF tourney continues with fan celebrations.

Patrick Smith

Yesterday, Chris Davis' 50 home runs trounced the Adam Jones deke to win the first matchup of the second half GIF tournament. Today we match up the 6th and 11th seeds, neither of which feature an actual baseball player.

Some of the most popular GIFs are those of crowd celebrations, and I can see both of these being used in future Friday Night GIF parties. The #6 seed celebrates that guy who hit all the dongs in yesterday's GIF matchup. Here at Camden Chat we like home runs, we like celebrating, and we love plays on words. Hence, Mount Crushmore.

Competing against Mount Crushmore is a guy who is celebrating in a typical arm waving fashion, but his face doesn't quite match up. It shows the quiet satisfaction of a man who expected this success all along. Could this be The Arrogant Orioles Fan?


Choose wisely, friends. Voting will last until 11 a.m. tomorrow.