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World Series Game 6: Cardinals @ Red Sox, poised to vomit if Boston clinches

Please make sure to have a convenient receptacle handy should the Red Sox clinch in World Series Game 6 on Wednesday night. You may want to barf. Michael Wacha starts for the Cardinals against John Lackey.


The Boston Red Sox find themselves with two chances to clinch a World Series at home. Even in their curse-breaking championship season, and their breakout 2007 season where the whole rest of the world realized that they hated the Red Sox now that the curse was over, they clinched on the road, by virtue of sweeping their NL opponent. There is no guarantee of clinching at home, as the 1979 Orioles could tell them.

This World Series has been marked by either good pitching or terrible hitting. Probably some of both. The Red Sox have a .585 OPS for the five games of the series, and the Cardinals have a .577 OPS for the series. The big difference is Boston has the inherently suspect dugout phone destroyer David Ortiz, while the Cardinals do not have anyone performing at that level. Perhaps Carlos Beltran is due for some postseason otherworldliness? Who knows?

One thing I know is that the world will be a worse place if the Red Sox win either of the next two games. This is a verifiable, undisputed fact. Therefore, much as it pains us to know that National League fans will act like their teams play real baseball if the Cardinals win, we must root for St. Louis.

Jacoby Ellsbury (L) - CF Matt Carpenter (L) - 2B
Dustin Pedroia (R) - 2B Carlos Beltran (S) - RF
David Ortiz (L) - DH Matt Holliday (R) - LF
Mike Napoli (R) - 1B Allen Craig (R) - DH
Jonny Gomes (R) - LF Yadier Molina (R) - C
Shane Victorino (S) - RF Matt Adams (L) - 1B
Xander Bogaerts (R) - 3B David Freese (R) - 3B
Stephen Drew (L) - SS Jon Jay (L) - CF
David Ross (R) - C Daniel Descalso (L) - SS