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Camden Chat GIF Tournament, Part II: PhD in Webgemology vs Attaboy!

Day three of the GIF tournament pits Manny Machado against Tommy Hunter

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Today's Halloween GIF matchup features Gold Glove winner Manny Machado winking adorably into the camera. What's not to like? It comes, of course, from the MLB Fan Cave parody song, Hakuna Machado.

Going against Machado is one of my favorite GIF guys, Tommy Hunter. Back on August 21st the Orioles were trying to avoid being swept by the Rays at home. They took a two-run lead into the ninth inning and Tommy Hunter was on for the save. Hunter had his troubles that inning and found himself with runners on first and third with two outs and the go ahead run at the plate. Kelly Johnson tried to steal to put the tying run in scoring position. Wieters threw him out to end the game and Tommy was so happy to have his bacon saved that he screamed at Matt, "ATTABOY!"

The Manny GIF was originally posted in GIFs of the Week on September 10th; Hunter's went up on August 26th.


Voting will last until 11 a.m. tomorrow. Choose wisely.

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