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MLB Odds: Orioles a 25/1 shot to win 2014 World Series

According to the Bovada sportsbook, the Orioles have 25/1 odds of winning the 2014 World Series.

Alan Crowhurst

The 2013 World Series has only just ended, but that doesn't stop the sports gambling complex from already having odds released for the 2014 World Series.

The Orioles, who just concluded an 85-77 campaign in 2013, are 25/1 to win next year's championship. This year's champion Red Sox had 25/1 odds on March 1 and ended up paying off anyone who made that bet. On the other hand, anyone who bought the Blue Jays at 7/1 for 2013 is not feeling so good.

Oddsmakers at the Bovada sports book have the Dodgers as the favorites at 7/1 odds, followed by the Tigers at 9/1. The Red Sox and the Cardinals, this year's two World Series teams, are both at 10/1.

Longshot of the year currently belongs to the Astros, who sit at 250/1. Would you put any money on that, just in case?

The Orioles chances of winning the World Series compared to their AL East competitors:

Red Sox 10/1
Yankees 16/1
Rays 16/1
Orioles 25/1
Blue Jays 25/1

These are just World Series odds at this moment, and they may look different by the time the offseason is over. Are you buying the Orioles at 25/1? What kind of chance do you think they actually have to win next year's World Series?