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Friday Bird Droppings

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Thus far, the Postseason has failed to deliver thrilling baseball. If you're a fan of one-sided games dominated by pitching, you're in luck.

Any big plans for the weekend...I mean, besides watching the #25 Terps take on #8 Florida State?

Tom Clancy Made $230 Million Profit On Investment In Baltimore Orioles - Forbes Not a bad bit of scratch.

Astros coaching moves: Dave Trembley to serve as bench coach - The Crawfish Boxes Diamond Dave...moving up in the world.

Camden Depot: Is Jim Johnson an Elite Closer? I'm dying to find out...

Steve Melewski: Could this guy be a surprise candidate for the 2014 rotation? Steve-o and the Teej. Will Nate McLouth Be Orioles' Left Fielder In 2014? ...and more speculation. Ah, the early offseason.

It's the birthday of Mark Mclemore. Party at Rommie Lewis' house.