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Furlough Friday Playoff Baseball Extravaganza

There are four playoff contests on Friday. The action starts off at 1pm with Pittsburgh looking to rebound against St. Louis.

Scott Cunningham

If you're furloughed, un/underemployed, or just looking for an excuse to slack off for the remainder of your work week, baseball is here to take care of you with a full slate of Division Series games what will probably end up spanning nearly twelve hours of the day.

Pittsburgh Pirates @ St. Louis Cardinals, 1:07, MLB Network
St. Louis leads 1-0
Starting pitchers: Gerrit Cole vs. Lance Lynn

Tampa Bay Rays @ Boston Red Sox, 3:07, TBS
First game of series
Starting pitchers: Matt Moore vs. Jon Lester

Los Angeles Dodgers @ Atlanta Braves, 6:07, TBS
Los Angeles leads 1-0
Starting pitchers: Zach Greinke vs. Mike Minor

Detroit Tigers @ Oakland Athletics, 9:37, TBS
First game of series
Starting pitchers: Max Scherzer vs. Bartolo Colon

Who are you rooting for today? Does a Rays-Red Sox series get into "root for a meteor" territory for you? Does Colon having a sub-3.00 ERA at age 40 seem at all suspicious to you? Can Yasiel Puig, who was hit by a pitch yesterday, do something else to offend the self-appointed baseball police Braves?