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Friday Bird Droppings

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Free agency is upon us and roster speculation begins anew. Welcome to the offseason!

Orioles Outright Chris Dickerson, Dan Johnson: MLB Rumors - Dan Johnson, we hardly knew ye (though, a strangely appropriate cut, given his sometimes nickname "the Great Pumpkin").

School of Roch: Taking another look at the 40-man roster Roch games out potential cuts and additions to the 40 man roster.

The top five bargains among free agent pitchers. | : Marc Normandin Article
"The offseason is upon Major League Baseball. It's time to look at free agents, attempting to find the bargains among what can sometimes be a dangerous means of player acquisition -- especially for pitchers. Who are the less risky options?" Gavin Floyd has always been thought of as a logical target given his local ties. Is this the year he comes home?

A Statistical Report on All the Caribbean Leagues at Once | FanGraphs Baseball
Carson Cistulli revives his SCOUT leaderboard. Lotta O's in there.

Zach Davies Interview
The guys at Orioles Nation bring us this illuminating chat with a young O's prospect (did you know he was coached by Eric Bell?).

On this day in 1960, shortstop Ron Hansen was named AL Rookie of the Year. In 1979, Edward Bennett WIlliams purchased the O's from Jerry Hoffberger for $12.3 million.

It's the birthday of Team Steve alum Steve Tolleson, Fernando Valenzuela, Jim Pyburn and Johnny Burnett.