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Camden Chat GIF Tournament, Part II: Nate's slide vs Bud Norris is outta here!

Two good GIFs go up against each other today. Let's hope one of them can beat Mount Crushmore.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

I'll be honest with you, I didn't have much motivation to create today's post. The Mount Crushmore debacle has ruined this entire tournament for me. We're obviously being trolled or spammed, and for what reason I just don't know because it's a totally ridiculous thing to care about. Maybe the person who made the sign found us and is forcing everyone he or she knows to vote. Maybe some jerk thinks it's hysterical to vote, clear his cookies, and vote again five hundred times.

This is our second GIF tournament and for both I've taken the winners from every GIFs of the Week post and pitted them against each other. The week that the Mount Crushmore GIF won, Aaron started off the post with, "It's not a bumper crop of GIFs this week." When you post a weekly GIFs post, they won't all be legendary, and sometimes some not great GIFs make their way into the tournament. But other than Mount Crushmore they have been voted out early. If I were looking at all of the great Orioles GIFs we saw in the second half of the season and picking my top 12, Mount Crushmore wouldn't have even made it, and now our tournament is being ruined by ballot stuffing for it. If we do another GIF tournament in the future, we'll have to figure out a way that GIFs like that don't even make it in.

Anyway. Today's winner will face off with stupid Mount Crushmore in the second-half finals, and the winner of that will go up against the Markakis Home Run Girl for the overall title.

Today's match up pits the hilarity of people falling down with the the audacity of Bud Norris. I say audacity because if you read the background on the situation when the GIF went up in the second round, you know that Bud Norris vs lefties isn't exactly something to feel confident in. And yet there is Bud, running off the mound before the umpire even calls strike three. The Nate McLouth GIF doesn't even need any background. It just makes me laugh.




Voting will last until 11 a.m. tomorrow.