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Monday Bird Droppings

The league's major awards are handed out this week and the deadline for accepting qualifying offers is 5 PM. Neither of these things should impact the Orioles.

Greg Fiume

Today we honor the service of our veterans.

Does Davis have an MVP case? | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Sure he has a case. Does he have a good one?

School of Roch: Since you asked about Hudson and Kazmir... GM/Owner meetings start today, not to be confused with Winter Meetings. Roch is on the case.

Is there anyone crazy enough to give Ervin Santana $100 million? - Baseball Nation
"There's no way Ervin Santana and Ricky Nolasco are going to get what they're asking for, right? Right?" Grant Brisbee takes a look at contract madness.

Camden Depot: Would Mike Napoli Be a Smart Signing for the Orioles? In a word, no...thankfully, Matt Kremnitzer is forthcoming on the subject than I am.

Quick Hits: Jewett, Ohka, Cubs: MLB Rumors -
Tomokazu Ohka was a Dan Duquette signing back in the day and has now learned how to throw a Eh?

Topps releases infographic detailing baseball’s history of mustaches | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports
This is pretty terrific.

Happy birthday to Orioles Hall of Famer Richie Bancells. It's also the birthday of J.R. House and Ike Delock.