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Camden Chat GIF Tournament, Part II: Bud is outta here vs. Mount Crushmore

We've come down to the final two. Who will it be? Will Mount Crushmore continue its insane run, fueled by anonymous voters, or will Bud Norris rule the day?

Jim Rogash

The finale of the second-half GIF tournament is upon us. Today you will decide between two very different GIFs. In the first Bud Norris confidently strides off the mound having struck out a lefty looking to end a dangerous inning and squash a Red Sox rally. It's a bit of cockiness that you might think unlikely for Norris to have, and yet there it is. Pretty badass.

In the second GIF we find ourselves against looking at the dancing faces of Chris Davis on Mount Crushmore. I've made my feelings known on this GIF so I won't rehash here. Regardless of how it got here, the votes have been cast in its favor for three rounds so far. Will it win again? At this point I wouldn't be surprised.


Voting will last until 11 a.m. tomorrow. The winner will take on first-half winner Markakis HR girl for the 2013 title.

GIF Tournament, Part II:
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