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Camden Chat GIF Tournament Finale: Bud is outta here vs. Markakis HR girl

Bud Norris was the only one who could take down Mount Crushmore. Will he have the same luck against Baltimore's sweetheart, the Nick Markakis HR girl?

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Mount Crushmore was finally defeated. I don't even want to know how that page ended up with over 1500 pageviews and the poll ended with well over 1000 votes, but it appears the anti-Mount Crushmore crowd had finally had enough. The GIF tournament is a nasty business.

Bud Norris is outta here is the second half champion. It wasn't the strongest GIF in the tournament in my opinion, but it's not a terrible choice either. And now Bud has the privilege of going up against the first-half winner, the heartwarming Markakis Home Run Girl, who crushed the competition in her tournament.

So who will it be? The GIF that was finally able to take down Mount Crushmore, or the little girl who captured our hearts with her quick reaction to a rare Nick Markakis homer?

Voting will last through 11 a.m. tomorrow, at which time we'll have our 2013 GIF Champion.