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Sunday Bird Droppings

Brian McCann's signing may have an impact on Matt Wieters' future W2 form, Jim Johnson as a starter pondered, and Jonathan Schoop won a HR Derby in Curacao. We think.

Jonathan Schoop is doin' things in Curacao. Not in this photo, though. Don't get confused.
Jonathan Schoop is doin' things in Curacao. Not in this photo, though. Don't get confused.
Koji Watanabe

Did NY do the O's "a solid?" - Birds Watcher
"One has to wonder, was this a preemptive move by New York?!" Um, no. The Yankees did not sign Brian McCann to prevent the Orioles from doing so. I was with you until then, BW. I certainly agree that NYY signing McCann means one less buyer for Matt Wieters in two years.

Thoughts on Orioles closer Jim Johnson -
Will closer Jim Johnson's expected salary drive him into the starting rotation next season?

Orioles week featured signings, more talk | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore
Rich Dubruff offers his weekly off-season review of the past seven days in Orioles Cul-de-Sac.

Steve Melewski: Gary Kendall on AFL championship: "The Orioles made a statement that day"
"It was neat to see the Orioles guys get to run out there and celebrate", said Gary Kendall, coach of the Orioles' Double-A Bowie Baysox and the AFL champion Surprise Saguaros. And really, is there any other kind of a seguaro than a surprise seguaro? I mean, if someone gave you one, wouldn't you be surprised?

School of Roch: Pondering probability of prospects breaking camp
Which prospect breaks camp with the O's next year? Roch channels our 42nd president and says it depends on what your definition of "prospect" is.

Schoop brothers dominate homerun derby | Curacao
Your weekly non-English Sunday Bird Dropping: Jonathan Schoop wins a home run derby in Curacao. We think. Anyone read Dutch?

Happy Birthday to former Orioles players Damian Moss, Ben McDonald and Fred Beene. Big Ben still has one of the two best curves I've ever seen out of an Orioles pitcher (Gregg Olson is the other, in case you were going to lose sleep over that.)

On this date in Orioles history, the Orioles lost Bobby Grich to a free-agent contract with California in 1976. Cal Ripken, Jr., wins the 1982 AL Rookie of the Year award. By the end of 1982, he had played 118 consecutive games.

Consider this your weekly NFL thread, although if you're still watching this season, you're probably the fan of a team located at least 200+ miles from Baltimore, or you have money on the games. I know in which camp I fall...