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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Last work day before the holiday. Work can wait. Spend your day here!

When Manny makes the Hall this should be his plaque pose
When Manny makes the Hall this should be his plaque pose
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Former Yankees, Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina up for election to Baseball Hall of Fame for first time | News
Good luck, Mike! I don't particularly care what hat his plaque reflects. He just plain deserves to be recognized for his career.

An Early Look at the Price of a Win This Off-Season | FanGraphs Baseball

The cost of a win is going up. And there aren't any Black Friday deals to be had. Stock up now!

School of Roch: Orioles close to agreement with DeJesus Jr.

Scavenging is way of the Honey Badger.

Orioles Fans Becoming Paranoid About Arbitration

It might also be good if the Warehouse wasn't giving indications of being unable to spend enough to retain all these arb. eligible players. But they have. So some concern on the part of the fans is entirely justified.

Orioles Buzz: Baseball historian discovers photograph showing long-gone Maryland Park, Westport Baseball Grounds site

Pretty neat. Pretty cool.

Deadball Baseball " Searching For The Baltimore Black Sox’s Lost Ballparks

Companion link to the previous one. Fascinating stuff.