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Camden Chat GIF Tournament, Part II: Chris vs. Chris

How much Chris Davis is too much Chris Davis? Is there such a thing as too much Chris Davis?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Two of the three Chris Davis themed GIFs in the tournament face off today. The first is Mount Crushmore, which won in round one to move to face Sweaty Chris Davis.

The other is Sweaty Chris Davis, which debuted in GIFs of the Week on July 22nd. It's hot in Texas, especially when your team is racking up runs. Sometimes you gotta mop your brow and the only place you can find to do it is on the third base coach's shoulder. Is it proper etiquette? Probably not. But maybe Chris didn't know that, because after all he rarely stops at third base. Usually he just shakes Bobby Dickerson's hand as he's headed for home.




Voting will last until 11 a.m. tomorrow.

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