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Camden Chat GIF Tournament, Part II: Happy fans vs. Attaboy!

It's happiness all around in today's matchup.

Rob Carr

Fact: Chris Davis hits a lot of home runs. Fact: This makes Orioles fans happy. The proof for that second fact is in the first GIF in today's matchup. When Aaron Royer posted GIFs of the Week on August 19th he titled this GIF "Thor Home Run Party." Baseball is just more fun with that guy on the your team, isn't it?

I just realized that yesterday when I told you that there were three Chris Davis themed GIFs in the tournament, I didn't include this one because he's not featured in it. But he did hit the home run that caused the party, so he at least gets an honorable mention for this one as well.

Up against the home run party is a winner from the first round, Attaboy. I gave a detailed description of the action, so click over if you missed it. Just know that Tommy Hunter is a very happy fella and Matt Wieters is the guy who made him feel that way. Attaboy, Wieters!


Voting will last until 11 a.m. tomorrow.

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