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Camden Chat GIF Tournament, Part II: Mount Crushmore vs. Attaboy!

Will Mount Crushmore continue its improbable run? Or will it be taken down by Tommy Hunter's exuberance?

David Banks

We've reached the final four of the second-half GIF tournament. Mount Crushmore surprised me by beating out Sweaty Chris Davis in the last round, but this time will have to take on Attaboy. Attaboy has rolled through the tournament so far, trouncing happy fans in the last round. I've been inspired to write a new screenplay (RIP Nolan Reimold Movie) titled, "Attaboy: The Tommy Hunter Story." Made for TV of course.


Voting will last until 11 a.m. Monday

GIF Tournament, Part II:
Day 1: Davis crushes and Jones dekes
Day 2: Fan celebrations
Day 3: PhD in Webgemology vs Attaboy
Day 4: Nate's slide vs O'Day's K
Day 5: Davis crushes vs. Norris is outta here
Day 6: Mount Crushmore vs Sweaty Chris Davis
Day 7: Happy fans vs Attaboy
Day 8: Tea Time vs Nate's slide